In 2004 Merciless Games™ was founded by Rich Nelson. A seasoned multimedia designer and veteran game fanatic, Rich decided to fuse his passion for video games with his enthusiasm for the internet and new media. The mission is a simple one, to create fun and innovative casual game experiences for all audiences.

In 2006 Merciless Games launched their first title, Puff Ball. Taking influence from arcade classics, Puff Ball merges classic gameplay with superb modern graphics for a unique gaming experience. Puff Ball is available as a free online game that can be downloaded into any Adobe® Flash enabled browser.

Merciless Games released their follow-up title, Ninja Gardener, in the fall of 2006. Ninja Gardener is a classic defense style game where players fend off birds from eating all of the Ninja's seeds. In the spring of 2009 Apple Kabopple was released. Players must help an adorable turtle named Torti collect as many apples from her favorite apple tree.

Merciless Games is based near London, United Kingdom.